Just when the shaking in the hands is almost gone, the NHL comes back and you fall into a relapse. During the break I was digging around for anything hockey related (there are only so many Olympic teams) and ran across something disturbing. Icethetics¬†does an annual “jersey watch” to give you a heads up on what teams are going to retool their look for next year. This involves looking at the advanced order Reebok catalog that is provided to retailers to see what they say about ordering for the 2014-15 season. According to Reebok, the Blues’ third jersey is to remain unchanged for next season. The home and away jerseys are listed as “TBD”.

Your initial reaction may be to yell “NOOOO!” at your computer screen and you would be right to do so. The Blues have made only minor changes to the current home and away uniforms since 1998 and have made no changes at all since the league-wide Reebok Edge transition in 2008. It seemed that the Blues had finally settled on a winner after so many forgettable jerseys. The rumor is that the Blues are thinking of tweaking the Note. I have a hard time believing this as the current ownership group has been pushing “Long Live the Note” as a marketing campaign since they took over the team. Being a recent purchase and spending much more on players than at any other time in recent history, Stillman and Co. are probably in need of an infusion of cash. A new jersey can provide that and is not going to be totally unpalatable to fans since they have been using roughly the same thing for 15 years. (Of course, this may all be nothing and they’ll stick with the same jersey. But just in case…)

There are two major things to consider when looking at what direction the Blues might go with a new jersey. One: Hockey fans are notorious traditionalists and the St. Louis market is no exception. No one in St. Louis is going to line up to pay $150+ for something like the Buffaslug. We want clean lines, bold stripes, and sharp colors. Two: the current ownership group has played into the traditionalist mentality by selling the history of the franchise. The first commercial developed by Stillman’s group showed flashes of Blues legends before showing footage of current players. It was clear they were trying to sell the nostalgia of the team and give a sense of continuity. If the owners are going to look anywhere for ideas on a new look they will probably look back, but to where?

The 60’s and 70’s featured serviceable jerseys but they were never iconic in the way many of the Original Six jerseys were. The Note looked a little weak and the fat gold stripes on the darks were not cutting it. The Blues continued to make small changes every few years, playing with the Note and the stripes to try to find something classic. Then in 1995 someone had the bright idea to add as much red as possible onto the jersey for a team with “blue” right in the name. I see no way in which this can fail! Thankfully this iteration was short-lived and has been sent by the hockey gods to jersey hell to burn right beside the Cool Cat jersey that almost was.

Kill it with fire!

Kill it with fire!

So what do you pick from this group as a throwback to inspire the new look? I’m going to suggest the home (white) jersey that the team wore starting in 68′. It had an interesting shoulder yoke and a good striping pattern on the arm. If they used the current Blues logo on this template they could come up with something special for fans and players alike. Using that jersey as a template, I made a mock-up of a potential home faux-back in the same style. Much like the Blues’ current look it is not an exact negative of the away jersey but it is close and would not look out of place.


What are your thoughts? Should the Blues make a change or have they already found the perfect look?

  • http://www.toastdispatch.com/ Toast Dispatch

    I love the Blues current look, I think they should just keep it as is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    If they DO decide to change the jerseys though, I hope they go with a retro / winter classic kind of feel.

    • http://www.stlcardinalbaseball.com/ Ray DeRousse

      It would be cool to update the retro look and release it.

  • ChadyzGroove

    I hate the “apron strings” on the current jersey almost as much as I hate the clown jerseys with the diaganol lines from the 90s. I’m ready for a change, but a minor one, I’d like to see something based of the striping of the late 80s-early 90s without the red and with the current bluenote.